June 1, 2023
how much youtube will pay you for 1000 views in India.

How much does YouTube pay for 1000 views in India?

“Advance your YouTube channel, but with a magnitude of viewers.”

With the rate at YouTube channels increasing daily, the pay scale of YouTubers also increases. Every human on social media platforms is aware of the second-largest social media platform- YouTube.

If you are an aspiring YouTuber exploring a career and determining how much can you get paid for an exact number of views, say 1000? Besides, residing your channel in India?

The approximate amount revolves around Rs 150- 300 per 1000 views in India. However, the earnings for every YouTuber are different. Several factors govern the invariable stipend for YouTubers.

Let’s dive into more details!

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Earn Through YouTube- How?

When YouTube was launched earlier, the only way to earn from YouTube was through views and subscribers. But now, with commercial features, it has become easier to make money through YouTube.

You can only make money by increasing the number of views on your YouTube videos and subscribers on your YouTube channel. Since content is considered the king of every piece of work, not on your YouTube channel must be good enough for people to watch the video.

However, this policy has evolved. The introduction of advertisements has made it easier for YouTubers to make money. Publicity, on the other hand, does not come easily YouTube watch time.

To attract advertisements, the content you provide must be of  high quality. Most importantly, the YouTubers should follow the niche. For instance, your channel gets paid more if you portray advertisements related to Digital Marketing, Gaming, SEO, and Web Hosting YouTube views.

Similarly, the payment is less regarding advertising niches like motivational content. Therefore, you must now have a brief idea of how to earn money through YouTube. Now, let’s focus on the query-“How much does YouTube pay for 1000 views in India?”

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What Does YouTube Pay for 1000 Views in India? Do any Factors Influence it?

Income for every YouTuber varies because the platform pays you based on views and clicks on your video. You may get paid extra if your views and clicks are more than youtube 1,000 views.

As mentioned, YouTube pays approximately Rs 150 – 300 per view in India. The earnings for YouTubers depend on factors like the content’s diversification, audience demographics, and varieties of advertisements new channel to grow fast.

Hold! Do not panic. We will discuss the concepts of the factors. However, first, let’s discuss some vital jargon that will provide a better understanding of the factors new channel to grow fast.

CPM (Cost per Mile)

The cost per mile, also known as the cost per 1000 impressions, is the amount an advertiser pays for 1000 impressions on YouTube.

Thus, it decides how much youtube will pay you for 1000 views in India.

CPC (Cost per Click)

The cost per click is the amount an advertiser pays for each ad click. It is typically much higher than CPM.

RPM (Revenue per Mile)

Revenue per mile is the amount of money you make for 1000 views YouTube.

How are CPM, CPC, and RPM related?

One of the most common misconceptions about YouTube Views is that it pays for every single view, but this is not the case.

They only pay for views in which an ad is displayed to the viewer.

Assume a video has 1000 views, and the CPM is around Rs 165 (the cost for 1000 impressions is Rs 165), and you might think a YouTuber will be paid Rs 160-165 for every 100 Million Views on YouTube.

However, that is not the case.

YouTube only pays for views that have been monetized. Opinions that have been monetized are those in which a viewer has been shown an advertisement.

For example, suppose you upload a video to YouTube, and 1000 people view it. However, because only 500 people were shown advertisements, I will only be compensated for 400 views.

These 500 views have been monetized. Every video receives between 40% and 50% of monetized views. A video with 10,000 YouTube views will have between 4000 and 5000 monetized views and will be compensated accordingly.

I hope you understand what monetized views are and how they are used. So, in India, YouTube pays about Rs 165-245 per 1000 views, but there is a way to increase that if you know how the CPM is determined.

Higher the CPM, the more money you will make. Now, let’s discuss the factors influencing YouTube viewers.

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What are the Factors Deciding YouTube to Pay for 1000 views in India?

Certain factors decide how much money you will make per 1000 views in India. They are-

Content Type / Niche of Your Channel: –

A CPM for a food channel will be lower than for an investment channel. As a result, the investment channel will be compensated more than the food channel for the same 1000 views.

You’re probably wondering why this happens. The reason is simple: YouTube pays according to what advertisers pay it.

YouTube does not pay from its pocket; instead, it divides the money from advertisers between you (publishers) and itself.

An investment-related channel will display advertisements for Mutual Funds, Stock Marketing Companies, etc. These companies spend more money on advertising and pay more money to YouTube to run their ads.

As a result, these channels receive more funds. One of the major determining factors for how much money you will make per 1000 views is the type of content you upload to your channel.

Your Audience’s Demographics: –

The location of your viewers is another factor that influences the CPM.

If most of your viewers come from first-world countries (the United States, the United Kingdom, and Canada), your CPM will be much higher than a channel that draws viewers from third-world countries (India, Sri Lanka, and Bangladesh).

So, if you can create content in English that appeals to people in first-world countries, your CPM will be between Rs 300 – Rs 525.

Length of Your Videos: –

YouTube allows only one ad per video that is less than 10 minutes. So, your chances of showing ads to your viewers get thinner.

To maximize the earning potential, you should make videos longer than 10 minutes to place multiple ads inside them. However, please don’t overdo it and ruin your viewers’ experience.

Also, to make longer videos, you will need to ensure that it is packed with information and make them attractive for the viewers to watch until the end. Otherwise, they will leave in between, and it won’t make sense.


Creating money on YouTube is one of the simplest ways to earn money. To become a YouTuber, you do not need to be highly qualified or hold a degree.

Multiple different YouTubers are standing proof of being successful YouTubers. Making cash out of YouTube requires skill and talent, not qualification or limitation.

Hence, earn from video advertisements, affiliate hyperlinks on YouTube, and market cleverly.

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